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Privacy Policy
(Return Policy Below)

User Agreement & Terms of Service

Thank you for checking out,! We are a custom clothing company geared toward customizing apparel for professionals in the medical field. We are operated by CMC Apparel LLC (“CMC”) located in New Jersey, USA. The following “Terms of Service and User Agreement” are a legal contract between CMC and you, the customer, using the services (“Services”) we provide via run and owned by CMC. CMC provides Services to customers who are deemed to have an appropriate relationship and/or proper approval with: corporations, institutions, non-profits, organizations, small businesses, and or other organizations, to design, and purchase customized merchandise that displays their relations, organization, and/or personal affairs with that entity.

Customers using the Services provided on and communicating with the professionals employed by CMC Apparel LLC, are to understand that all decisions to upload, use images, text, graphics, and content submitted and requested by the customer are solely dependent upon the outside approval and relationship the customer has with the organization, institution, corporation, business, or other outside entities the customer is providing content from. By the customer uploading and communicating the content they would like CMC to use on the customer’s customized products, the customer is authorizing and permitting CMC to access and use the content, and the intellectual property rights relating to the content. Without limitation, the customer is granting CMC Apparel LLC the right to reproduce copies, edit, store, display, transmit, and index the content the customer is providing. This authorization is nonexclusive, continual, royalty-free, and transferable. This agreement will be used to inform all entities whose content may be used and provided to CMC Apparel LLC to use for the customer who is purchasing products on has been granted proper approval and access to such content they provide for CMC.  

Website content. Website content and photographs are provided by professionals and/or customers that have an appropriate relationship with the outside entity they are representing. They have provided CMC documented permission to use their photograph for website content and promotional purposes. CMC is committed to providing Services for professionals in the medical field as well as committed to the legal use of the intellectual property of others. By using the Services on, the customer has agreed to these terms and conditions of this User Agreement & Terms of Service.

Return Policy

“I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m flawed. We all are.” – Dr. Dereck Shepherd

All products created by CMC are specifically customized and tailored for each individual order. We do our best to provide proper sizing and fit on our website. We will not provide refunds or returns for customized clothing unless there is a mistake made on our end. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Here at CMC each of our customized products are inspected and prepared to our best ability. We do not ship a product unless it meets CMC’s standards and displays what we believe is the best appearance and quality. Refunds or return will not be given for inappropriate sizing, fit, or unsatisfaction with the product.

If your product has mistakes made by us, we can:

  • Ship it back and it can be fixed

  • Keep it. We will provide 30% on your next order

  • If you are completely unhappy with the mistakes made we will partially refund you.

  • ** You have two weeks from your delivery date to contact us about a mistake. If we do not here from you within two weeks, we will no longer honor this policy. 

  • ** Wear and tear is a natural occurrence of that happens to any product if worn daily and/or frequently. If your product is showing, "wear and tear"  after 100 days from your delivery date, we will send you a new product. "Wear and tear" refers to the print or writing and art design on your product. We will require a photo to deem your product is showing signs of "wear and tear". 

  • ** The Exception: We can refund you for BLANK PRODUCTS ONLY. One must provide their own return label and there will be a restocking fee.

  • If over 100 days, you can send us a picture of the product. We will inspect the product to see if it is possible to repair. If we believe it can be repaired you can proceed with a repair for a fee of $15.95. 


We understand sizing can be difficult. We can provide you samples for a fee of $13.95 for group orders only.  

Cancellation Policy

We all change our mind (I doubt you will on this purchase)… but just in case, you have twenty-four (24) hours after submitting your order to change or cancel your order.

Shipment/Delivery Times

Custom orders are usually delivered in 7-10 business days. We wish we had the operation size of Amazon and had the capability of delivering an order two hours after it was placed, but we are a small business and do not have the capital. Please be kind. We are working as fast as this supply chain is allowing us. Patience is key my friend.

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